• Do you have a closed season?
    No – if /when it becomes obvious that the fish are spawning, we will let members know


  • How many members are there?
    There is no fixed number, as it varies year by year depending on how much the lake is being fished. If there are not enough anglers, then we will issue more tickets. It has never been crowded or busy so far!


  • Can I bring my dog?
    Sorry no, and no you cannot leave it in your car while you look around (yes really there has been one that tried it!)


  • Can I park behind my swim?
    As a former quarry the lake is a hole in the ground – this means there are some fairly steep slopes that lead down to the waters edge – we are always seeking to improve the pathways and roadways. At the moment you can park very close to some swims, or there is a close by drop off point – others you will need to use your barrow, or you can borrow one of ours.