Burwell Brick Pit – a mature former quarry, set in a quiet, wooded 38 acre site close to the Wicken Fen Nature Reserve – is home to a relatively unknown stock of carp, pike and silver fish.

In particular, over 150 carp to 35lb+ have been banked since June 16th, 2013 (though far larger fish have been spotted).

A pike of 32lb+ was reported in November 2011.

Several rudd in excess of 3lb+, and tench over 9lb have been landed since 2013.

In addition, the lake is home to roach, tench, perch, eels and possibly a scattering of (as yet uncaught) catfish.

Essentially, Burwell Brick Pit has thrived on neglect, having been fished only briefly prior to 2012.

Since taking on the fishery, Steve and Carol have developed the previously overgrown steep-sided quarry to create 40 spacious yet secluded swims, circumscribed by reed beds, channels, islands and deep margins.

Effectively comprising two pits connected by several deep channels – the first offering depths of 12-18 feet, the second averaging around 20 feet – the lake is approximately 18 acres in size.

On site facilities include secure car parking, toilet, shower and the ‘Tackle Trailer’ tackle shop, supplying essential items of tackle from leading companies such as Korda, Taska, Middy/30+, JRC, Chub, Solar, Shimano and Gardner.

A range of frozen bait is also available at competitive rates, courtesy of Sticky Baits, Nutrabaits, Pallatrax and Mainline as well as all the usual shelf-life offerings.

Designed to ensure optimum around-the-clock security for anglers and their tackle, the Brick Pit is protected by secure fencing and CCTV.

On the whole – commonsense rules apply*

Bait boats are allowed (for Gold and Silver members) when used safely and courteously.

Both barbed and barbless hooks are acceptable.

In fact, the only restriction placed on rigs is that they should be correctly tied to ensure the safety of the fish.

With this in mind, two boats are also moored at each end of the lake, to enable anglers to retrieve tethered fish.

All in all, Burwell Brick Pit offers a secure, peaceful environment for experienced anglers to target specimen sized fish of a variety of species.

PLEASE NOTE: Development of the swims and roadways will continue throughout the 2017-2018 season. Until that work is complete – allowing easy vehicular access – the onsite bailiff will be happy to transport anglers and their equipment to and from their chosen swims by 4×4, for a nominal cost.

*Please see the Rules page for the full list of rules